About the Journal

Society & Sustainability (S&S) [ISSN 2690-6767] is an open-access scholarly journal published twice a year in looseleaf format. All manuscripts submitted to the journal pass through a double-blind peer-review process. S&S covers a wide range of topics under the general purview of sociology, economy, and business. The scope of the journal includes the following areas:

  • social constructions of gender, race, class, and ability expectation
  • language and culture
  • work and economic systems
  • social, political, and legal structures
  • education, health, and social welfare
  • community life and civil society
  • urbanization and industrialization
  • science and technology
  • identity, citizenship, and the state
  • diasporas and transnational dispersions
  • Islamic Affairs
  • Comparative religion¬†¬†
  • religion and spirituality
  • death, dying, and the afterlife
  • crime and criminality
  • war, terrorism, and genocide
  • environmental degradation, climate change, pandemics
  • social order, disorder, and utopian societies
  • globalization
  • sport and leisure management
  • Sustainable business
  • Challenges relating to sustainability

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