Information For Reviewers

Review Process

All RII journals follow the double blind review process. Manuscripts submitted to RII journals are reviewed by expert reviewers.  Once the submission is done, the editor will perform the initial screening. Upon the suitability of the manuscript, it will be sent to the reviewers. It will take 15 to 30 days to receive the first decision about the manuscript. Based on the reviewers’ comments, the author will have to respond within a month. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and to provide a recommendation to the chief editor on whether a manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions, or should be rejected. Please find the Reviewer form at the "Resource Menu" of the homepage. 

Invitation for Reviewers

RII invites competent and interested reviewers to review the articles submitted in RII Journals. The reviewers must have a Ph.D. and an experts in their area. As RII aims to provide quick decisions on the manuscripts, our reviewers are expected to submit their reviews within 21 days. RII considers reviewing articles as an act of professional fellowship and deserves recognition. Therefore, our reviewers are encouraged to increase their reviewer score and get recognized by Publons by sending their review receipt (acknowledgment email received from the editorial office) to We, therefore, request the qualified reviewers to send their CVs to the editor at