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Purpose: The main objective of this study is to explore the degree of maintaining QWL issues in the newspaper publishing houses of Bangladesh.

Methods: This study had endeavored to expose the practices of QWL of 15 newspaper publishing houses through a questionnaire survey conducted on 75 full-time news reporters. The survey results were further endorsed by senior executives of three well-circulated newspapers of Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Results: The study revealed job stress as a high priority indicator of QWL. However, the newspaper publishing houses are found somewhat weak in maintaining the QWL issues, such as job security, harmonious relationship, experience sharing culture, and social pride.

Implications: This paper recommends few interventions to enrich the QWL practices in the newspaper publishing industry of Bangladesh.

Originality: QWL practice of newspaper publishing houses is somewhat missing in the existing literature. Therefore, the current study will inspire the researchers to discuss and debate the issues.