Influence of Advertisements on Consumer Behavior

A Study of Graduate and Postgraduate Students


  • Ummay Salma Khanam Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh



Advertisements, broadcast, print and online media,, consumer behavior,, Kruskal-Wallis (K-W) test.


Purpose: This research investigates the effect of advertisements in broadcast media (TV, radio), print media (newspaper, magazine), and online (internet) media on consumers' awareness (AWR), interest (INT), conviction (CON), purchase (PUR), and post-purchase (PPUR) behavior.

Method: A quantitative research approach based on primary data was applied in this study. This study conducted surveys using a structured questionnaire in both electronic and paper formats among the graduate and post-graduate students located in Chattogram, Bangladesh. 404 usable responses were used for data analysis using Kruskal-Wallis (K-W) test.

Results: The study reveals that advertising in broadcast, print, and online media has a statistically significant effect on customers' awareness (AWR), interest(INT), conviction(CON), and buying behavior(PUR).

Implications: The research provides insights to marketers regarding the preference toward media selection and promotional efforts.




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Khanam, U. S. . (2023). Influence of Advertisements on Consumer Behavior: A Study of Graduate and Postgraduate Students. Business Perspective Review, 4(2), 46–57.