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Purpose: This study explored the level of awareness of students on the educational tour policies based on the CHED memorandum order number 17 (CMO#17) of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in selected state universities in Region 8 in the Philippines. This study also assessed the constraints encountered by the students before, during, and after the educational tour.

Method: Four hundred (400) students are respondents in Higher Educational Institutions in S.Y. 2016 - 2017 with the study students’ level of awareness on the Educational Tour. The study used Descriptive – correlational design utilizing Pearson r, Point Bi-serial, and Eta Correlation as Statistical tools.

Results: The findings state that most respondents answered a much aware level of awareness on the Educational Tour before, during, and after the conduct of the study. Lack of money, time, safety, and management deficiencies were moderately felt problems. It concluded that the level of awareness in Educational Tour before, during then after the educational tour is much aware.

Implications: The Study recommends, sustainable awareness programs, the inclusion of the discussion of educational tour in student, parent's orientation, and discussed in the student handbook. Constraints with the educational tour are addressed before the activity, and the conduct of relevant studies regarding educational tour be further addressed.