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This study aims to unearth the determining factors of tourist satisfaction in the Rangamati District and explores the degree of interdependence. Data were collected from 140 tourists who visited Rangamati from 2019 to onward were selected based on convenience using a survey questionnaire. The findings of the study revealed that two factors among five such as natural factors, cultural factors were found to have a positive influence in determining tourists’ satisfaction however the other three such as tourism product, destination support services, and financial factors do not influence tourists satisfaction. SPSS-2020 was used for analysis where descriptive statistics were used to express the demographic profile of the respondent and to rank the individual factors to find out which factors are most important for determining the dependent variable. Then, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis has been used to judge the degree of relationship among independent and dependent variables. A set of recommendations was provided which will help to improve the performance of the agencies as well as tourist services and it will gradually bring satisfaction to the local and international tourists.