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Purpose: Entrepreneurs need various support services, like infrastructural facilities, counseling, training, market promotion, information, etc. to start and run their businesses. Such services make the job easier for potential entrepreneurs to ensure a smooth start and efficient management of their businesses. The purpose of this study is to explore the institutional support facilities available for entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Method: This is a descriptive study based on secondary data. It provides a brief description of the relevant organizations that facilitate starting and running the business in the context of Bangladesh. Also it includes the empirical studies conducted on the performance of such institutions.  

Result: There are several institutions, in one way or the other, involved in the process of entrepreneurship development in the country. But it is found that the institutions are not performing at par. They are lacking in their technical, managerial, and behavioral aspects.

Implications: In order to yield greater result these institutions should be equipped with more resources and the employees of these institutions should be trained to be more proactive in providing services to entrepreneurs indiscriminately