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Purpose: The ease of service provided by FinTech enables Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to run business operations to overcome problems such as capital and financial convenience. This study will describe the loan and payment services by using FinTech as a solution to the survival and growth of MSMEs in Indonesia.

Method: To make it easier, we combine descriptive and qualitative research methods to explore the problem, research objectives, and affirmation of conclusions.

Results: The study has illustrated how the service of financial technology works for the survival of MSMEs. There are two facilities offered by FinTech for MSMEs in Indonesia, i.e ease in obtaining loans and ease of conducting business transactions. It adds to the opportunity for business people who use FinTech in the process of financial transactions with consumers because it can increase people's purchasing power for MSMEs products.

Implications: In payment transactions, FinTech offers convenience, innovation, security, cost-effective, and speeder transections for both sellers and buyers related to MSMEs.